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DevOps on AWS – Python Scripts 9 : Tar file Operations


import tarfile, sys

    #open tarfile
tar = tarfile.open(sys.argv[1], “r:tar”)

    #present menu and get selection
selection = raw_input(“Entern
    1 to extract a filen
    2 to display information on a file in the archiven
    3 to list all the files in the archivenn”)

    #perform actions based on selection above
if selection == “1”:
    filename = raw_input(“enter the filename to extract:  “)
    if (filename.endswith(“tar”)):
tar = tarfile.open(filename)
print “Extracted in Current Directory”
elif selection == “2”:
    filename = raw_input(“enter the filename to inspect:  “)
    for tarinfo in tar:
        if tarinfo.name == filename:
             print “n  Filename:tt”, tarinfo.name, “n Size:tt”, tarinfo.size, “bytes”
elif selection == “3”:
print tar.list(verbose=True)
   # print “There was a problem running the program”

February 22, 2021

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