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DevOps on AWS – Python Scripts 8 : File Operations


import os
import shutil
from zipfile import ZipFile
from os import path
from shutil import make_archive
fileName = “test.txt”
newFileName = “test.txt.bak”
def main():

# get the path to the file in the current directory
src = path.realpath(fileName);
# Process 1 : now put things into a ZIP archive
root_dir,tail = path.split(src)
print root_dir , ”   ” , tail
shutil.make_archive(“fileSize_archive”, “zip”, root_dir)

# Process 2 : more fine-grained control over ZIP files
with ZipFile(“testFileSize.zip”,”w”) as newzip:
for (dirname, dirs, files) in os.walk(“.”):
for filename in files:
if filename.endswith(“.py”):
  # print fileName, ” is not available”
if __name__== “__main__”:
February 22, 2021

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