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DevOps on AWS – Online Training

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DevOps Engineer Course Content
Our DevOps content is completely designed as per industries requirements and prepared to balance Job descriptions for interviews and Infrastructure.
Prerequisite                         :           Basic Computers  
Duration                                :           60 – 65 Days (Part I – 35 Days and Part II – 30 Days)
Mode of Payment               :           Cash / Debit or Credit Card / Online Payment
Method                                  :           Class Room / Online Training
Material                                 :           Soft and Hard Copies
Note: Hard Copies are not applicable for Online Training and online fees may be different.
Our Course includes:
  • Linux Commands and Scripting
  • Automation of Build and Infrastructure using Scripting Languages/Tools
  • Build and Release management Process and Tools
  • Cloud Infrastructure Management   
  • Server provisioning and configuration management tools
  • Application and Web Servers Management
Required Experience?
There is no particular experience required; DevOps itself new to the market and companies haven’t any other alternative to go for when they are short staffed with the required resource. Just learn, practice, get support from Rise ‘N’ Shine and see jobs available for U.
Who can learn? –
  • Middleware, Windows, Linux, Solaris, Unix, Network or CCNA Administrators
  • Developers / Programmers from .Net / Java or any other programming backgrounds.
  • M.Sc, B.Tech, B.E, MCA, Fresher / Experienced people
  • Any people who need a job instantly with any qualification and from any background.
Training Objectives:
  • Training on concepts with more Practical Examples and Assignments with Real time Infrastructure
  • Expertise on DevOps tools, Software Cloud Instance Access Assistance
  • End-to-end Resume building & Support
  • Mock Interviews and Interview Questions and worked-out answers
  • 100% Placement Assistance and Tech support

DevOps Course Content:
Chapter 1: Introduction to DevOps                                                                            
  1. Overview of the existing system
  2. Why DevOps
  3. DevOps fundamentals and methodologies
  4. About SDLC and Agile Model
  5. Basic prerequisites to work in this domain
  6. DevOps tools
  7. Java Concepts
Chapter 2: Basic of Datacenter and Cloud Computing
  1. Cloud Computing Models
    1. Software as a Service (SaaS)
    2. Platform as a Service (Paas)
    3. Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)
  2. Understanding Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds
  3. Cloud Computing Benefits
  4. Cloud Computing Challenges
Chapter 3: Linux Administration and Shell Scripting
  1. Environment Management
    1. Tools and Networking Concepts
  1. Basic Unix/Linux Commands
    1. Server Environment introduction
    2. Types of Environments and their importance
    3. Introduction to the Linux environment
    4. Basic commands to work on Linux environment
  1. Shell Scripting
    1. Basics introduction
    2. Variables, arrays
    3. Conditions and loops
    4. Functions
    5. File system accessing
    6. Special variables/Command line variables
Chapter 4: AWS Essentials (Amazon Web Services)
Chapter 5: DEVOPS: Puppet
  • Introduction to Puppet
  • Installation and Configuration of Master server and agents
  • Managing Manifests
  • Creating and Managing modules
  • Version control with Puppet

Chapter 6:  DevOps: Build Automation Tools                                                          
Build process automation (Ant & Maven)
  1. Ant
    1. Ant Introduction
    2. Ant tasks                                  
    3. Ant properties and command line calls
    4. Advanced ant tasks and external tasks
  2. Maven
    1. Maven – Environment Setup
    2. Maven – Build Life Cycle        
    3. Maven – Build Profiles, Repositories, Plug-ins
    4. Maven – Creating, Building & Testing Project
    5. Maven – Project Templates
    6. Maven – Snapshots
    7. Maven – Build Automation
    8. Maven – Manage Dependencies
    9. Maven – Deployment Automation
    10. Maven – Web Application
Chapter 7:  DevOps: Source Code Management                                 
Source code management/Version controlling system  
  1. SVN (Subversion) — Optional
    1. Subversion introduction
    2. SVN and apache installation and configuration
    3. Users administration
    4. SVN directory structure
    5. All SVN commands
    6. Branching and merging
    7. Branching Strategies
    8. Configuration management
    9. Admin activities
    1. What is a distributed version control system?
    2. Installation
    3. Different levels of Git configuration
    4. The process of staging and committing
    5. The details of the commit objects
  3. NEXUS
    1. Nexus prerequisites
    2. Installing and Running Nexus
    3. Using the Nexus User Interface
Chapter 8:  DevOps: Continuous Integration Tools
  • Jenkins
    • Jenkins Introduction
    • Jenkins configuration
    • Master and slaves configuration
    • Types of projects and integration of builds
    • Plugins
Chapter 9- DevOps: Deployment Environment                               
  1. Apache Tomcat
    1. Installation
    2. Configurations
    3. Deployments and types of deployments
    4. Debugging logs
  1. WebLogic (Optional)
    1. Installation
    2. Configurations
    3. Deployments and types of deployments
    4. Debugging logs
  • How to monitor the Servers
  • Trigger Alerts
  • How to check events; CPU, Memory and RAM Graphs for servers
  • Configuration Management Activity
  • Configuration Control
  • Incident Management
  • Change Management
  • Problem Management
Chapter 12- DEVOPS Engineer Activities
  • Day to day activities as a DevOps engineer
  • Release process and types of releases
  • Coordination with Dev and QA teams
  • Optimizing the build and deploy process activities
Chapter 13- DEVOPS: CI & CD Operations using AWS Services
  • Cloud Code Commit
  • EC2 Instances
  • Cloud Code Deploy
  • Cloud Code Pipeline
February 22, 2021

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