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DevOps on AWS – DevOps Interview Questions

The following DevOps Interview Questions which are asked in different Companies…


1.What are your daily activities?

2.Tell me one issues which you solved in Jenkins and something new?

3.What is difference between VM and Container(Docker)?

4.How to start a Session in Docker?

5.What did you configure in Puppet?

6.How do you change the Time Zone through Puppet?

7.How do you install apache webserver through Puppet?

8.How do you change the default time to check the manifest file in the Master?

9.How to immediately push the configuration to nodes through puppet?

10.What is difference between Puppet and Ansible?

11.How do you prefer to install puppet/Ansible?

12.What are the issues you faced with Git in Builds?

13.What tool you are using to package the application?

14.Who will configure the POM.xml file in Maven?

15.Where are you servers Located?

16.Which Servers are used in AWS & in your Infrastructure?

17.How to Check which application is using more CPU?

18.How to check which folder is using more disk space ? Find out directly from the root directory?

19.where are the logs of the linux server located?

20.what are the information stored in the logs of the linux serever?

21.Explain in detail about Chkconfig command?

22.Explain the options for tar command ? what is the meaning of -cvfz, -xzvf?

23.What will the file extension we get if we use the ‘Z’ option in the tar command?

24.How do you take the backup and restore the Git Server?

25.What settings we have to do in Git or Github to trigger the build as soon as new commit is mode?

26.Which artifact repository you are using?

27.How many production/live servers do you have?

28.How many/which are the environments for the applications in your infrastructure?

29.How do you configure the Apache webserver to use proxy/webserver?

30.What are the settings you can change in apache webserever through the httpd.confile?

31.Which reason of Apache webserver you have used?

32.Can we configure Apache to run with Tomcat server?

33.How to apply the configuration changes to the batch(10) of systems where 100 systems are available?

34. What is the difference between build and deploy?

35. What is the purpose of continuous integration for a development team?

36. What is a version control system? What are the advantages and features of a typical version control system?

37. What are the benefits and drawbacks with using Centralized versus Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCS)?

38. Explain various major git commands?

39.What are Jenkins Best Practices?

40. What is the Puppet configuration management tool, and how does it work?

41. What is the inventory file in Ansible and location of the file?

42. How to configure the SSH based authentication(Password less) between the Machines?

43. What is the playbook in Ansible? What are the different sections in Playbook?

44. What are the different Ansible modules which are configured in your environment?

45. What are all the different Jenkins plugins which are used in your environment?

February 20, 2021

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