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DevOps on AWS – AWS Interview Questions

AWS Interview Questions:

  1. What is the end point which is used in the cloud front?
  2. Why the IP Address will be changed whenever we stop and start the ec2 instance?
  3. What is going to happen when ever we restart the ec2 instance? Boot up process?
  4. What are all the policies that can be configured for S3, EC2 instances?
  5. What is the diff between Elastic Ip and Public IP?
  6. What is the diff between Nat and VPN? Which one are you using in the infra?
  7. How to identify the user data of the Ec2 instance?
  8. What is the VPC Peering?
  9. What is the difference between VPC and VPN?
  10. What is the difference between S3 and Glacier & S3 and EBS?
  11. What is the CNAME in Route53?
  12. What are the different policies in Route53?
  13. What is Auto Scaling Group?
  14. Explain about your project Architecture and Infrastructure?
  15. Explain about project Domain?
  16. Explain about the Developer/Operations team?
  17. What is the scrum team and Agile Team?
  18. Strength of the teams?
  19. Info about servers?
  20. How to configure SSO with in the docker?
  21. How do you monitor the Docker Containers?
  22. What is the difference between TCP and UDP protocols? Which is the best fast one?
  23. How to take the log file rotation and uploading the backups to the S3 buckets?
  24. What is the CName in the Route 53?
  25. What is the Load Average in Unix?
  26. What is the usage of Swap memory? Is it possible to configure the Swap memory without Physical Memory?
  27. What are all the different Run Levels in Unix? Which one is not used?
  28. What is the Boot Process in Unix?
  29. What is the SNS and SES?
  30. We have file which contains 3 columns in the file. How to display the list of these attributes?
  31. How to configure the IPTables?
  32. How to monitor the AWS Infrastructure Instances?
February 20, 2021
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