AWS Development with Python for Freshers

Fresher's AWS Development with Python

- A great course for Fresher's
- To become Python with AWS Cloud Engineer
- 'AWS Developer' Certification Course
- Interview Questions & Mock Interviews
- 60 Days Instructor Oriented Course
- Industry-based Real time Projects
- 24/7 access to the e-learning content on our website

Course Duration

60 Days

Live Projects

4 with Assignments


Industry recognized

Training Format

Online | Class Room



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Fresher's Master Program


This Learning Path especially is designed to give the better understanding of Cloud and DevOps process models for Freshers.
Become the Python Developer
Automation solutions using Python Programming
Recognize terminology and concepts as they relate to the AWS platform and navigate the AWS Management Console.
Understand AWS management tools, including Auto Scaling, Amazon CloudWatch, Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
Grasp the foundational servers, including Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), and Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS).
Learn about the security measures AWS provides and key concepts of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).
Use AWS database services, including Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Relational Database (RDS).
Use AWS Lambda services with API Gateways.
Provisioning AWS Infrastructure using Cloud Formation Scripts to implement Infrastructure As a Code.
Working with Container based Applications using 'Docker'
Understanding CI/CD process using AWS Code Pipeline, Code Build and Deployment Services

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Who this course is for:

Engineers and other professionals who want to kick start their career in Cloud and Docker's World
Professionals who wish to shift from Administration to automation world to make the process more efficient, error-free, fast and reliable.
AWS Absolute Beginners. No prior AWS experience necessary
Existing Solutions Architects
Python Programmers Interested in Deploying Applications on AWS with Python
People interested in hosting highly scalable, fault tolerant applications (such as Wordpress) on the AWS cloud.

    Requirements :
  • 1. Any Degree
  • 2. Required aspiration and zeal to get the job on Python and AWS to have better career in IT industry.
  • 3. You need to have an attitude to learn Programing and automation activities with fun 🙂
  • 4. No prerequisites. Anybody wants to know Python with AWS Technologies Can Enroll in the course


Online/Offline Classes:
  • - 60 Days (Classes on weekdays)
  • - Every Day
  • - - 1 Hr Instructor Class
  • - 2 Hr Videos Session
  • - 2 Hr Lab/Assignment

  1. What is Cloud Computing?
  2. AWS Overview and Services
  3. Setting up AWS Account and Free Tier
  1. Introduction to Python
  2. Variables, Data Types, and Operators
  3. Control Flow: Loops and Conditional Statements
  4. Functions and Modules
  1. Introduction to AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)
  2. Configuring AWS CLI
  3. Boto3: AWS SDK for Python
  4. Interacting with AWS Services using Python
  1. AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  2. Users, Roles, and Permissions
  3. Security Best Practices and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  4. Implementing Security in Python Applications
  1. Creating and Managing EC2 Instances
  2. Security Groups and Key Pairs
  3. Connecting to EC2 Instances
  4. Instance Metadata and UserData
  1. Understanding S3 Basics
  2. Creating Buckets and Managing Objects
  3. Permissions and Security
  4. Integrating S3 with Python
  1. Introduction to Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  2. Creating Stacks and Templates
  3. Managing CloudFormation Stack with Python
  4. Parameterization and Best Practices
  1. Overview of RDS and Database Engines
  2. Creating and Managing RDS Instances
  3. Connecting to RDS from Python
  4. Backup, Restore, and Scaling
  1. Creating Tables and Performing CRUD Operations
  2. Querying and Indexing
  3. DynamoDB Streams and Triggers
  1. Networking Fundamentals in AWS
  2. Creating and Configuring VPC
  3. Subnets, Route Tables, and Security Groups
  4. VPN and Direct Connect Overview
  1. Introduction to Serverless Computing
  2. Creating and Deploying Lambda Functions
  3. API Gateway Setup and Integration
  4. Building Serverless Applications with Python
  1. Overview of Elastic Beanstalk
  2. Deploying Python Applications
  3. Docker and Containerization Basics
  4. Introduction to Amazon ECS
  1. Amazon CloudWatch Basics
  2. Metrics, Alarms, and Dashboards
  3. Centralized Logging with CloudWatch Logs
  4. Monitoring Application Performance
  1. Cost Optimization Strategies
  2. High Availability and Load Balancing
  3. Autoscaling and Elasticity
  4. Building Resilient and Fault-Tolerant Systems
  1. Integrating AWS services with Python.
  2. Building a serverless AP
  3. Deploying a web application
  4. Creating a data processing pipeline etc.

Learning Path

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