Level 2 Support

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Level 2 Support :

Level 2 support is designed to handle intricate and escalated support issues from level 1. Support engineers with extensive product knowledge and training are deployed in level 2 support teams. These engineers using their product expertise and the knowledge base to debug and resolve the issues.

Level 2 engineers review the steps taken by level 1 support. This indicates the various checks performed and configuration at the end user system. Level 2 engineers then communicate with the customer to get technical information such as system logs, run advanced tests and advanced configuration checks. Using their expert knowledge of the product the support engineer resolve most issues.

If the problem cannot be solved due to a product defect or a problem that needs further escalation, the support engineer escalates it to client support level. Our Level 2 engineers are in constant communication with the technical experts in our client organizations.

The level 2 engineers are responsible in documenting the communication and steps taken in detail within the support request ticketing system. All frequently reported issue and their resolutions are documented into knowledge base updates. These updated are created by level 2 engineers and reviewed by client support team.

Level 2 support team consists of experienced, highly qualified and trained support engineers who understand the technology and product extensively. Based on the requirements of the project we deploy Oracle Fusion Middleware administrators, SOA 11g Administrators, OIAM Administrators, OSB Administrators and other specific technology.