Level 1 Support

Level 1 Support :

Level 1 support process ensures that any configuration errors are fixed. If the problem cannot be resolved then the support engineer guide the user to use a work around till the problem is raised to level 2 and is resolved there. Level 1 engineers extensively use the product knowledge base system to search and provide resolution for known issues.

Level 1 engineers are additionally responsible for creating a support request ticket and tracking the issue till resolution. In case a support request needs escalation then the level 1 support engineer will transfer the ticket to a level 2 engineer for resolution.


Our Level 1 teams consist of qualified and trained support engineers who understand user’s problem and help them with very simple step by step procedures. The support engineers are hand picked via rigorous multilevel interview process and are extensively trained on the product. Extensive training is also provided on the tech support process, verbal communication and written communication skills. These support engineers are adequately trained in human interaction over phone/email and understand the cultural nuances of various global regions.