Employability Programs

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Our Mission :

" To promote and enhance employment and learning opportunities for student who wants to step into IT "

The RNS Employability program is a transitional program for students moving to IT workplace environment. This program is designed for individuals who have a barrier to employment. Depending on their readiness and opportunities, after completing this program they may be referred to a supported employment agency also.

The program is designed for you with special learning needs. You are coached on the expectations of entry-level employment. Students are given an opportunity to build self awareness and self advocacy skills and work towards being more independent.

The REP combines in-class instruction with practical work experience, emphasizing the skills required to be successful in employment situations. Students meet with faculty to discuss an individual work experience plan that best fits their needs. Student goals will be set and monitored throughout the course.

The REP is in session for three months (two terms). The first term includes six weeks complete course with Level 1 Training of classroom instruction. The second term includes level 2 training with Real time practical activities, Evaluation Programmes on alternative days, Mock interviews.

Upon completion of the program, each student will meet individually with faculty to discuss their progress and to identify future plans and resources related to the student's capability.

Student Profile

Students are selected by a Faculty led interview. In the interview, Faculty are screening potential students for suitability. A criterion for acceptance includes

Dedication and Motivation to learn/work.

Self management skills.

Ability to attend and participate in work experience placements independently with limited supervision from program faculty.