Corporate Training

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Corporate Training:

Rise 'n' Shine, is a specialized global Oracle Training provider. Our trainings are a comprehensive repository of courses offering high quality, state-of-the-art offerings ranging from the very basic Oracle courses for those who have little or no IT experience to Advanced courses for Oracle professionals.

We can customize the training contents as per your unique project implementation needs & business processes. We work with our clients to understand the training requirements & business goals to fine tune our training agenda ensuring maximum value to our users.

We have extensive experience in conducting Corporate trainings and have consistently received raving testimonials from our trainees. These are delivered in both online/on-site mode.

Our trainings simulate a real classroom. For online trainings, we take care of all the infrastructure needs on our hosted servers and virtual desktops. The trainees can attend an interactive session from diverse geographical locations, whereby trainer can take control of trainees PC remotely to help with exercises.