Big Data

Today’s applications are generating an unprecedented amount of data from diverse sources within your enterprise, extending out into the physical world where any device is capable of capturing important signals for analysis. The volume of data being generated is increasing at dizzying rates. Highly unstructured, raw data can tell a story of your operations environment and your customers in a way that we can now tap efficiently at scale. Analytics and machine intelligence at web-scale have been in Google’s founding DNA since the very early days. Google Cloud Platform surfaces the same analytical engines invented and used by Google for nearly two decades to help unearth insight in your business and operational environment.

Google Cloud Platform leads the industry in the ability to let you analyze data at the scale of the entire web, with the familiarity of SQL and in a fully managed, serverless architecture where backend infrastructure is fully handled on your behalf. Our big data analytics products are able to scale automatically while you focus only on the business insight you want to uncover.