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AWS Course Content

 Table of Contents
Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • What is cloud computing?
  • List the types of cloud
  • Scale and cost
  • Best view of architect
  • Block diagram for cloud formation

Introduction to Aws

  • what is amazon web services?
  • What is cloud computing amazon?
  • Why use amazon web services?
  • Working for Amazon Web servers
  • How to Create a Cloud account with aws
  • Block diagram of AWS architect

Overview Of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

  • Approach to families services
  • How to navigate the console.
  • Infrastructure Aws
  • Measure the AWS security
  • Interfaces of Web GUI,API and SDK
  • Storing and supply
  • Authenticate and access process.

AWS Platform

  • Instance for RDs
  • How to manage and navigate aws
  • Difference storing process and Amazon web servers

Web Server Amazon EC2

  • Instance types, security group, Key Pairs and userdata
  • How to implement the concepts of AMI
  • EBS and EPhemeral
  • EBS used for Attach and Detach

Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute

  • How to make Amazon storage purpose
  • Describe the network concepts in Aws
  • Develop the Amazon Deploy and amazon Ec2
  • Options to design the concepts
  • Architect the aws platform Autoscaling and cloudwatch

Amazon Development

  • Create volumes & templates from snapshot backup
  • How to Associate & Manage the Elastic IP address
  • Configure & manage ELB security
  • Manage Service & DB
  • Concepts of Amazon RDS
  • Instance of Amazon RDS
  • Benefits of Deployment and Management

Cloud Formation

  • AWS Cloud Formation concepts
  • Amazon Cloud technology
  • Identity the content process.
  • How to secure the Access Management (IAM)
  • Describe Elastic BS
  • How to set the Cloud formation?

Security Concepts

  • Describe concepts of Scaleable
  • Operation for cost
  • Effective management for secure
  • Demonstrate the development

Storage in AWS

  • Includes the Frameworks stream
  • How to Implement the big data solution
  • Amazon Red shift
  • Software virtual

Simple Storage Access

  • Overview storage access
  • Relational databases System
  • Big data access
  • Memory data access
  • How to virtual the content

Cloud concepts of three tier

  • Overview the Web services apps
  • Formation of cloud
  • Stack Review
  • Estimate apps for cloud
  • Develop secure environment
  • Endure cloud formation